Deep Blue


We’ve all forgotten something before while packing for a trip, so if you’ve left your summer essentials at home, no problem -- we have you covered. Let us help you focus on your tan rather than your burn. Or pick up a souvenir on your way out to help you remember your summer vacation.

Wipeout Gifts & Apparel at Water Country USA
Wipeout Gifts & Apparel
This one-stop shop has a wide variety of apparel, souvenirs and essentials that will not disappoint. Find swimwear, t-shirts, footwear and more from brands like Guy Harvey, Salt Life, Toms ® and Reef ®.
Way Out Gifts at Water Country USA
Way Out Gifts
Before you say goodbye for the day, stop by our gift shop near the front of the park. Find the perfect souvenir to help you remember your visit or a great gift to bring home to a loved one.
Jet Gifts at Water Country USA
Jet Gifts
This little shop is located in the middle of the park near Launch Pad Express Cafe. From sunscreen, towels and cover ups to cold bottled refreshments and ice cream, we’ll help you keep cool.
Hubba Gifts at Water Country USA
Hubba Gifts
If you find your bags a little light or need a cold treat, then make a pit stop before entering the water at Hubba Hubba Highway ®. Pick up sunscreen, towels, and aqua socks or cold drinks and ice cream.