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Quick Pay Cashless Wristband

Leave your wallet safe and dry and make purchases all day with a Cashless Wristband

It's a convenient way to link your money to a waterproof wristband allowing you to swim, slide and make purchases without worrying about misplacing your cash or credit cards.

How To Set Up Quick Pay Cashless Wristband

Visit guest relations or any ticket booth window to receive a complimentary wristband and link it to a credit card or debit card. 


Credit/Debit Card

When setting up a Quick Pay Cashless Wristband using a credit or debit card, an initial $50 hold will be placed on the card. Each time spending exceeds $50, an additional $50 hold will be placed on the card. At the end of the day, the card will only be charged once and only for the total day's spending on the wristband. The previous holds will be released by the card’s bank in accordance with the individual bank policies.

How To Use Quick Pay Cashless Wristband

Quick Pay Cashless Wristband is quick and simple. Leave the waterproof wristband on your wrist while playing in the park and when ready to make any purchase in the park, present your wristband for the cashier to scan. The cost will be deducted from the account and the purchase is complete.


Quick Pay Cashless Wristband is a courtesy service and there are NO FEES associated with its use.